Share a message of gratitude with these classroom quotes

Appreciation can change a day, even change a life.

It never hurts to remind kids [and adults] to stay grateful, right?

Find these and plenty of other teaching resources at my 
Sail the Seven C’s Teacher Expo


  1. Create a theme-based gallery of these quotes to post around the classroom.

  2. Discussion prompt: “When was the last time you felt grateful? What brought about that feeling?”

  3. Time for a list: Have students write a list of ten things/people they are thankful for. To open their eyes to even more reasons for gratitude, make sure they exchange lists.

  4. To download the image, right-click on it, and choose ‘save’ from the pop-up menu.

And if you want to edit these png files:

When I started counting my blessings, that's when my whole life turned around.

None is more impoverished that the one who has no gratitude.

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