Just for fun…heed the wisdom of ‘the stars’.

Just for fun…heed the wisdom of ‘the stars’.

horoscope scorpio survey ability


Print this out and post it on a bulletin board.

Use it as a prompt for a story.
— Is the character a Scorpio? Does she have to be?
— Did she simply scoff at the message, only to have events convince her otherwise?
— What were those events?

Use it as a springboard for a class discussion.
— What does inspiration feel like to you?
— What other events or actions might spur this sensation?

Note: It would be interesting to see if any of your students woke up with a similar message bouncing around in their heads.


Original astrological content from https://www.jacquelinebigar.com/

Five new photo prompts for Sail the Seven C’s Teacher Expo…

Five new photo prompts for Sail the Seven C’s Teacher Expo…

evening street scene

Below are four more photo prompts I just added to my
Sail the Seven C’s Teacher Expo

Suggestions for teachers:

1. Let writers team up to author a story.

2. Give writers a separate assessment for their prewriting efforts.

3. Challenge writers to add:

  1. humor

  2. a real person as a character [celebrity? family member? another teacher on staff?]

  3. a heroic action


eBook: Creativity and Diligence Quotes

eBook: Creativity and Diligence Quotes

Quotes for Learning Cover Slide PNG The Teachers Expo

The eBook can also be found on my Seven C’s Teacher Expo .

** Here is a short tour of the Expo and its current collection of resources. [More are being added every week.]

Along with simply printing them out for classroom display, you could also…

  • project onto the whiteboard, but block out key words or a phrase, such as, in the example below, ‘self-doubt’. Let your students fill in the blank.

  • pose the question, “Which one of these reminds you of one of your friends?”

  • use one as a theme/’behavior guide’ for an upcoming week.