A different kind of writing prompt for The 7 C’s Learning Expo

four fortunes from fortune cookiesfour fortunes from fortune cookies

The latest addition to The 7 C’s Learning Expo

With these fortunes as a springboard, try one or more of these activities:

  1. Have characters use two or more of the lines in an amusing conversation.

  2. Mix and match the various words in the fortunes to create new fortunes.

  3. Compose a story based on one or more of the messages.

** Here is a short tour of the Expo and its current collection of resources. [More are being added every week.]


Adding a ‘Classroom Journaling’ section to Seven C’s Teacher Expo

Eclectics Journal page--gratitude list, idea list, goal listsDaily Pep Talk journal page

Here are screenshots of a two-page PDF from my Eclectics Journal template. [I’ve shared it on my other blogs, as well.]

I added this template to my Sail the Seven C’s Teacher Expo.

Note: When I stray at times from using these pages myself, I find that I drift on the daily idea generation [Idea Sandbox] and on my long-term goals. [Put It to Paper]

Feel free to download this file and use as is. Or, customize it as you see fit. Make it work for you and your students.