Day 2 of Rebel Hour

word cloud with unique different alternativesWelcome to Day 2 of my online writing experiment

Rebel Hour.

A more detailed look at the process is found in my online project, The 7 C’s Teacher Expo.

Here is the prologue for Rebel Hour.

Here goes…

Day 2

From the journal of Ms. Page:

“Okay, class, it’s time you had an audience for your writing! Please turn to the next blank page in your journal…Now, are we ready?”

“Sometimes, writers need an immediate audience, someone they can talk to on paper. So you’re going to create characters. They don’t have to stay with you for long…if you want to create a different one tomorrow, that’s fine….But for now, rev up your pencils and imaginations because you’re going to create an audience for your writing. Two things if you’re not sure how to start–a stick figure is fine–and–here is a short ‘how-to’ checklist of things to think about when you’re sketching…Just to show you that you’re not expected to be an accomplished artist, here are a few of my characters that I created while I had my coffee. Not very special, are they? In fact, downright misshapen, if you ask me.
So, go ahead and of course I’m not grading these. This is just an exercise. If I had you run a lap, you would see it as exercise, right?  Well, this is almost like that. You’re not a world champion runner, but you still run the lap. Well, here, you’re not a world-renowned artist, but I’m still expecting you to do this sketch. And really, anyone can put together a pair of eyes, some hair, a mouth, and a nose, right?”

From the Journal of Ms. Page

So, yes, I’ve painted myself into a corner.

I want the kids to write so I’m supposed to be a writer as well.

Beth Carson is watching me like a hawk. Just like last year. 

She knows me too well.  She’s just that kind of obsessively observant little kid. And she forgets nothing. And despite her distaste for extra work, she probably kept some kind of dossier on me.

I might need to put a bell on her so I know her whereabouts.

I’m pleased with the room. 

‘Solar System’ in one section,‘Video Game Land’ in another,’ Summer Break’ in another, and—this was interesting—kids’ birthdays in the other.

I was lucky…I just pulled cards to form groups and it worked.

I won’t fool myself into thinking it will always be that way, but I’ll take it.

The kids will soon find out I’m just as annoyed at Mrs. Nix’s decision to take away morning break. Very soon. 


From the journal of Beth Carson

Yep, it’s day 2 and Ms. Page is continually weird. She’s having us sketch characters–new people or beings or creatures or whatever…from our imagination. She says now we will always have an audience to write to.

She gave us directions and suggestions non-stop. I think she was nervous. \˜≥˜/ 


Okay, yesterday was different. Yes, I already complained about too much writing. And yesterday, I wondered about the blank walls. Well, Ms. Page, took care of that all right. She pulled names, asked us to tell her our birthdate, and after about five minutes of shuffling index cards, sent us into ‘designing groups’. Within an hour, those blank walls weren’t so blank. One group decided on the solar system, so they slapped dark blue paper up on the wall and were cutting out all the planets with a few asteroids and floating spacemen and a few aliens and about a dozen satellites with Pepsi and Google and Amazon and Taco Bell ads on them. It’s busy out in our version of the solar system.

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