More writing prompts added to my ‘expo’ of teacher resources

Two children collaborating on a piece of writing

Time for more writing prompts for my Ride the Seven C’s Teacher Expo

  1. She/he was my last chance…

  2. Hidden in the cereal box…

  3. The closer I got to the painting, the more I smelled fresh-baked bread/salt air/roses…

  4. It turned out to be a love/ransom/dismissal note…

  5. He already owed the bank $20,000…

  6. “Look!” She adjusted her stick pretzels. “I’m a walrus!”

  7. His sad, brown eyes told me one thing…

  8. Answering the ad proved to be a mistake…

  9. “Yoga for kids? Sure I’ll try it…”

  10. “Pot roast/meat loaf/broccoli/braised eel…for dessert?”



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